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SkyTel LLC, is a leading telecom operator, with extensive experience in telecommunication, listed in the top 3 biggest companies in Georgia. (According to GNCC – Georgian National Communication Commission).

Our company unites 350 individuals, out of which nearly 250 employees are an integral part of our technical team, with deep knowledge and experience in telecom.

By having a long-term partnership with Cisco, ZyXEL, MikroTik, Ubiquiti, and many other famous companies, we use modest technology of these leading brands, which guarantees high quality and reliable Internet services.

We utilize, up to 6000 km. fiber optic network, as well as we are the largest wireless internet provider with 1200 stations, actively using radio-link technology, which covers all regions and rural places of Georgia, where fiber optic internet is still inaccessible.

Being a leader in the Telecom sector, innovation and technological progress is an undividable part of the company’s integral development policy, which empowers positioning SkyTel as a game changer on the market. Thus, we could have reached the main goal by making it possible for a wide group of people, having continues connection to the Internet and bridging the digital world with modern Georgia.

To develop a state-of-the-art telecom company, which can be a game changer on the market, creating new opportunities for rural areas for social economic development by bridging the digital world with modern Georgia.